Server region manager

Bag lets you manage your server's region with a few simple commands.

Checking the current server region

To check what the current server region is, do region.

Setting a server region

To set the server's region to a different one, do region set <region>.


The <region> argument can be either the region ID or the name.

All available server regions

Available regions
ID: us-west
Name: US West
ID: us-east
Name: US East
ID: us-central
Name: US Central
ID: us-south
Name: US South
ID: singapore
Name: Singapore
ID: southafrica
Name: South Africa
ID: sydney
Name: Sydney
ID: europe
Name: Europe
ID: brazil
Name: Brazil
ID: hongkong
Name: Hong Kong
ID: russia
Name: Russia
ID: japan
Name: Japan
ID: india
Name: India
Command Description
region See what the current server region is.
region set <region> Set a server region.
region list List all available and deprecated server regions.