Bag has 2 types of logs: server log and voice log.

What server log is

Server log is a channel in your server that contains messages about most of what's happening in the server.

All server log events

Event Information
Channel creation
Channel deletion
Channel update
Emoji creation
Emoji deletion
Emoji update
Member join
Member leave
Member nickname change
Member role addition
Member role removal
Server name change
Server icon change
Server region change
Message deletion
Bulk message deletion Ex. when using the clear command
Message edit
Role creation
Role deletion
Role name edit
Role hoist update Hoist - members appear in a separate category in the users list
Role mentionable update
Role permissions update
User username change
User discriminator change Discriminator - the 4 digits after a username
User avatar change


All server log events are enabled by default. If you wish to disable any of them, read Managing modules.

What voice log is

Voice log is a channel in your server that contains messages about members' voice channel activity.

All voice log events

Event Information
Member joins voice channel
Member leaves voice channel
Member moves voice channel

Unlike server log events, these events cannot be disabled.