Twitch stream going live notifications

Bag lets you add Twitch streamers and receive notifications when they start streaming. These notifications can, for example, be made server announcements. Be creative!

Adding a streamer

To add a Twitch streamer, run the /twitch add <streamer> <channel> [content].


The <channel> argument is the Discord channel the notification will be posted in. The [content] argument is optional and the content you would like the notification to have - it can be a role mention, or something else.


You can use \n to make new lines in the content.

Twitch stream going live notification

Command Description
/twitch add <streamer> <channel> [content] Adds a Twitch streamer and starts posting stream going live notifications.
/twitch remove <streamer> <channel> Removes Twitch streamer and stops posting stream going live notifications.
/twitch list Lists all added Twitch streamers.