Bag has many moderation-related functions.

Bad words auto moderation

The bot has an auto moderation system that can detect bad words in any of your channels and remove the messages.

What usercards are

Bag has a unique and quite advanced usercard system.

It features all information about any member of your server, all of their punishments, notes, join/leave history, and more.

Punishing users using Bag

Punishing users has never been easier. You can kick, ban, mute, and warn members of your server with simple commands.

Logs also play a big part in punishing users. You can look at a member's usercard and voice log to determine what their punishment should be.

Using punishment identifiers

Let's say a member of your server is angry that they've been punished and want you to take a second look. That's where punishment identifiers come in. Ask the member for their punishment identifier and, with one simple command, know what the user did wrong.