Punishing users

Bag has all the punishments you would ever need.

Message sent by the bot when any mod action is performed

When you perform any mod action, the bot will send a message with all the information about the mod action.

Mod action message

The message includes the username, user ID, reason, and identifier.

Message sent to the user by the bot on any mod action

When any mod action is performed, the user the action was performed on receives a message with information about what was done:

Bot message


In this example, the performed mod action is a ban. The message shows the ban reason and identifier of the ban.


This doesn't apply to notes.

Kicking users

To kick a user, do /kick <user> [reason].


The [reason] argument is optional.

The user was kicked and a message with all information regarding the kick was sent by the bot.

Banning and unbanning users

To ban a user, do /ban <user> [reason].

The user should be banned.

To unban a user, do /unban <user> [reason].

Muting and unmuting users

To mute a user, do /mute <user> <duration> [reason].


If you're not sure how to specify the <duration> argument, take a look at Specifying a time duration.

To unmute a user, do /unmute <user> [reason].

Warning users and removing warnings

To warn a user, do /warn <user> [reason].

To remove a warning, do /cwarn <identifier>.

Putting notes on users and removing notes

To put a note on a user, do /note <user> <reason>.

To remove a note, do /cnote <identifier>.

Command Description
/ban <user> [reason] Bans a user.
/unban <user> [reason] Unbans a user.
/kick <user> [reason] Kicks a user.
/warn <user> [reason] Warns a user.
/cwarn <identifier> Deletes a warning.
/mute <user> <duration> [reason] Mutes a user.
/unmute <user> [reason] Unmutes a user.
/note <user> <reason> Puts a note on a user.
/cnote <identifier> Deletes a note.
/identifier <identifier> Looks up an identifier.