Bag has a reminder system that can remind you about anything you want.

Adding a reminder

You can add a reminder by doing reminder add <duration> <note> or reminder set <duration> <note>. Both commands do the exact same.


Unsure how to specify the <duration> argument? Check out Specifying a time duration.


The <note> argument is the reminder note.

You can add up to 10 reminders at a time per server.

Removing a reminder

To remove a reminder, you'll need the reminder's identifier which can be found in the "Reminder set" message sent by the bot when you added the reminder.

Do reminder remove <identifier> to remove an identifier. You can only remove your own identifiers.

Command Description
reminder add/set <duration> <note> Add a reminder.
reminder remove <identifier> Remove an identifier.
reminder clear Remove all identifiers.
reminder list List all current identifiers.