Reaction roles

Reaction roles are a very good way to manage roles in your server. They're reactions that, when clicked, give a specific role.

Adding a reaction role

In order to add a reaction role, you'll need a message to add the reaction role on.

Reaction role message

Now, let's add a reaction role to this message. The command to do it is /reaction add <channel> <message ID> <emoji> <role>.


Not sure how to specify the arguments? Check out How to read the documentation.

You will need to find the message ID of the message you want to add the reaction role to. To do that, enable Developer Mode by going to User Settings -> Appearance -> Enabling "Developer Mode". Then, right click on the message and click on "Copy ID". Write the ID down, you'll need it soon.

Do the command above to add a reaction role:
Adding a reaction role

Command Description
/reaction add <channel> <message ID> <emoji> <role> Adds a reaction role.
/reaction role <channel> <message ID> <emoji> Removes a reaction role.
/reaction list Lists all set reaction roles.