Adding administrator roles

An administrator role is a role that can use all of Bag's commands.

You can add an administrator role by using the command bot role add admin <role>.

Adding role by using its ID

To add a role by using its ID, you will need to enable Discord's Developer Mode to find the IDs of the roles you wish to make bot administrator roles.

Enabling it is simple: User Settings -> Appearance -> Developer Mode.

Click on your server's name in the top left corner, and then "Server Settings".
Adding Administrator Roles

Next, click on the "Roles" tab on the left.
Adding Administrator Roles

Now, right click on a role you wish to add as a bot administrator role and click on "Copy ID":
Adding Administrator Roles

It is now time to actually add the role(s). Do !bot role add admin <role> to add a role:
Adding Administrator Roles

Adding role by writing its name

You can also write the role's name in place of the <role> argument:
Adding Administrator Roles


This way of adding roles is not recommended because there could be multiple roles with the same name and add the wrong role.

Adding role by mentioning it

Alternatively, you can mention a role in place of the <role> argument:
Adding Administrator Roles

Command Description
bot role add admin <role> Add an administrator role.
bot role remove admin <role> Remove an administrator role.
bot role list List all set roles.